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The end MT 2K21 result is going to probably be 20 finishing badges, 23 playmaking, 6 defensive and enjoy 6 shooting. End up using a takeover. The main reason you select shooting guard over little forward is you get feature points and speed creating a more slender shield than you would as a little forward. Your construct can now contact dip, post up, momentum dribble. Due to your height/weight/strength you will bully the hell out of all slashing playmakers and shooting guards and you are too fast for slower forwards or bigs to stay up with you.

If you are a good shot and your teammates run dimer you can consistently green using a 75 mid selection and a 68 three. Just make sure you have elite contact and alley animations along with your dunks are straight arm tomahawks. Made this for fun and despite just having an 80 overall and missing badges while running the stage I predominate. No one can remain in front of me and you can't help or I will hit on a shooter because dimer is running. People attempt to pre rotate after some time but he's going up for a dunk, after my guy will get room.

SG two way finisher pure crimson with playmaking slashing and protecting. Ive only used this because the release and I could guard the 1-4 at 6'5 pure demon. It also has an 80 strength so I bully guards. I laughed seeing two way slashing plays with the easiest assembles to safeguard that they try hop or the exact zig zag dribbling everyone does to get hoed by intimidator because I have a 95 on everything in shield anyhow

I get a 92 driving dip 70 ball control maxed out pass accuracy and layup and all that as far as it could go. Badges are 15 slashing at 1 shooting 30 defense and 12 playmaking. Everyone got the same damn builds its annoying and getting to destroy their shit with this construct was hilarious. Especially when the PF slashing playmakers came conducted their pockets every single moment.

Will 2k21 Current have the Bubble?

Is there likely to be some visual differences from 2k20 or even experiential differences since the rosters will be the exact same without a rookies? After years do they even consider MyLeague? The trade, contract problems, ups that are little are nearly repeats every year that quality control should be addressed in by any simple testing protocol. Just as they realize they have no competition and people who are addicted to the nba NBA 2K21 games will get it. Just how much could Buy NBA 2K MT cost for bankroll or crowdfund some other game that is competent or Live?

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By Sunxuemei
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