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The cigarette feels smooth and plump when held in your hand. The shredded tobacco becomes dark yellow and neat due to a long storage time, wrapped tightly, and covered with a silk dressing, but the shredded tobacco is slightly dry. Smell the fragrance deep and quiet, there is a mellow fragrance. It also looks like a refreshing tea scent, the taste is very weak, but it can be clearly manifested, and you can smell it when you hold your nose close to the cigarette. Hold one to the nose and smell it deeply, there is a woody fragrance mixed with a hint of mellow salty and sour herbal scent. When the fire is ignited, the pungent taste is strong, but after passing the tongue, the pungent feeling is reduced a lot. It is mellow and sweet, melodious and elegant. The throat is round and full, and it is very enjoyable. The lightness and elegance overwhelm the earlier acrimony, and it is full of energy. The smoke is extremely exaggerated. It is soft and delicate, long and comfortable, and it feels domineering and filling the mouth. It is really indescribable. The smoke fragrance is pure and transparent Newport 100S, the sweet fragrance is prominent, and the smell of Sichuan-Chongqing mountain tobacco is clearly felt. A slip into the lungs, extremely transparent and satisfying. The fragrance becomes mellow, and the aroma of burnt wheat is more obvious. The aftertaste is sweet and pleasant, refreshing and comfortable, the refreshing and lofty aftertaste is really long-lasting Carton Of Cigarettes, and it remains in the mouth for a long time and is unwilling to disperse for a long time. Generally speaking, the price of this cigarette is higher than the inherent quality. Fortunately, the cigarette factory has also noticed the problem and replaced the cigarette with a wide version of the packaging Marlboro Red. Same), but now the wide version integrated into Jiaozi has a new barcode, but the quality is the same. Even for the packaging, it has been quite clear in the previous introduction, so I will not repeat it again. The key point is to talk about the inner part. I admit that the quality of shredded tobacco is excellent, but the feeling of smoking is really different! The local characteristics are too prominent, and the taste is not acceptable in all places. Maybe it's because I'm too suitable for this cigarette? I don't mean that I'm not suitable for everyone. After all, everyone has a different taste and taste., Is the leader in mid-to-high-end cigarettes. It has low focus, low damage, elegant charm, and has been well received by consumers after its launch. The unique scent of popping beads is refreshing.
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Cheap Cigarette Online FreeShipping
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