Are done by pressing shift RS/Right Stick from Kingang's blog

When you exit the display for reading the RuneScape gold Shrine of Power's scroll, you will automaticaly state this:'I should probably visit Carralanger, and then travel south from their' First, go to Carralanger, or the Demonic Ruins (you don't need to teleport, even though it is far simpler.) When you attempt to go through the gates, then you will encounter a cutscene. You will see the Mage of Zamorak and Taurus walking beyond the Red Dragons.

He followed you from the acursed desert! I really don't care! We have lost him now, so we should probably only drain the energy out of this shrine and get away as fast as possible. It's too heavy! You attempt.

Taurus will open it effortlessly. The cutscene will finish, and you'll need to enter the Red Dragon's Island. Attempt to lift the stone trapdoor, and you'll discover the ladder. Go down the ladderand you will be in a different circular chamber with a change in the midst glowing dark grey.

It is a multi-combat zone, so they will all attack you at the same time,each hitting a max of 13 HP every time. Defeat all of them, then the mage of Zamorak will cast a snare spell on youpersonally, and Taurus will utilize his maul to hit you once, hitting 30 (you need to remain above 30HP once all of the skeletons are dead). Then the two will teleport off, and Taurus will say:'I will crush you soon, adventurer!' You may once more receive a message out of Azzanadra: Now chase them Runescape 2107 gold adventurer! However, the shrine doesn't longer glow light grey.

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By Kingang
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