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Wicker and rattan are two terms that commonly are confused and very often used interchangeably. This makes it difficult to understand whether these words have the same meaning or not. To clear up all of the confusion, wicker and Outdoor Rattan Set are not the same. In fact, these two terms refer to completely different things. What is Rattan? Rattan is a type of vine predominantly found in tropical regions of Australia and Asia. Part of the palm family, it differs from other palms in having slender, more flexible stems. That s... more
Rattan, which is made from plant fibers, is both durable and flexible, making it well-suited for use as furniture. Even with these desirable qualities, rattan Leisure Chair requires special care to ensure its longevity. It's the Goldilocks of furniture material, never happy unless it receives its preferred treatment: moderate conditions that are neither too humid nor too dry to avoid mold, mildew or brittleness. Keeping the furniture clean and storing it in a suitable environment ensure that it will last for years to come.C... more
It takes little effort to keep synthetic rattan Modern Leisure Chair looking as good as new. It’s durable enough to preserve its natural strength and colour. However, you can take steps to ensure it stays looking it’s best. Start by only cleaning the cushions when necessary as this will keep them from getting worn. You can leave synthetic rattan furniture outdoors all year round, but you should bring the cushions inside or store them away during winter months. Cleaning Natural Rattan Furniture Vacuum natural wicker regularly, ... more
Photos of early Modern Leisure Chair , such as the Centripetal, don’t look all that different than more modern versions. Even early models incorporated a swivel seat and casters. A lot of them also came with certain adjustable features that allowed for some customization based on the needs of the individual user. While these leisure chairs were functional, they weren’t all that visually appealing. They were typically just covered in different shades of black and grey until the early 1970’s when the leisure chair got a funky... more