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To be able to protect sensitive data, it is crucial to prevent the use of unauthorized access points. Considering that a rogue AP is not under the management of network administrators, nor does it automatically conform to network security policies, purple wifi alternatives then rogue access points may allow attackers to bypass network security and assault the network or catch sensitive information.

In the absence of a wireless probe to track the airwaves, safety employees can manually hunt for rogue APs. An inexpensive but efficient method for finding potential rogues would be to use a publicly accessible Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) port scanner which identifies enabled TCP ports from various devices connected to the network. alternatives to purple wifi

The actions to discover a rogue AP start with conducting the port scanner software from a computer linked to the network. The utility finds all Port 80 (HTTP) interfaces on the network, including all Web servers, some printers, and almost all access points. The AP will normally reply to the port scanner's head with the seller name and it's corresponding Internet Protocol (IP) address.

Once an AP is discovered, the system administrator should ascertain if the AP is or isn't a rogue. The secretary would use applications that would permit a pre-configured authorized collection of accessibility APs. If the scanning for rogue APs is guide, a listing of authorized APs remains crucial.